Monthly Archives: July 2009

I like to read harry potter πŸ˜€
i have read that book since i’m 9 y.o…
And now…i’m 19 ^^
my fave book is the goblet of fire…because
i got many spells and knew how to spell hermione…XD
her book is so amazing…i can’t stop reading when i started…
Mrs. Rowling have to write a new book…
I think love story is also good =D
bcause i really like romantic parts among Harry and Ginnie XD…
That’s mean Mrs. Rowling is so romantic…
But dectective also good =)
she made me really curious when I read Harry Potter…
And…I also can’t guess…who’s that man/woman…
I think that’s all what i thought
last word
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. ROWLING” *throws confetti* ^^

eheee~ this is the end of July ^^
xiah-sshi forums posted august calendar that i reuploaded and post in here =D

from Sai_ba =)

wanna see more

Found this from JoongHana Blog in wordpress XDDDDD
and i won’t edit anything that Joonghana wrote…but i’ll add *get slapped*

First Style my Lovely Man -Junsu-

Junsu really loves to wear overcoats and black…

wanna see the others style?

well nooo~
it’s not a real dolphin XDDD
it’s just an origami dolphin ^^

yeah i joined a forum very active forum XIAH-SSHI FORUMS and they made
20 fourth | twenty 4th Junsu’s Birthday Project

and i joined the project *dances*
i luv Junsu so much,,,so this must be joined project
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