well nooo~
it’s not a real dolphin XDDD
it’s just an origami dolphin ^^

yeah i joined a forum very active forum XIAH-SSHI FORUMS and they made
20 fourth | twenty 4th Junsu’s Birthday Project

and i joined the project *dances*
i luv Junsu so much,,,so this must be joined project
i’m sorry -.-;;;

and i signed up for ori gami dolphin XDDDDD
i made two origami dolphins (one mine, other my friend)
because the rules one person one dolphin…then after sign up
the admin, genna sent me her address,,,yeah those dolphins will send to Junsu house *claps*

i went to post office to send it =D
but i live in Indonesia and genna lives in USA -.-;;;
i asked the post officer…how long it takes? it takes 10 days or 12 days the longest….okiessss (i sent it on July, 3)
and I paid Rp 60.000 to sent it (around $6)

and i’m counting the day everyday…after 10 days i saw the received list thread but i didn’t see my username T.T
and after 12 days i checked that thread again……………..but it hasn’t arrived yet TT.TT
and i didn’t check it anymore….i’m hopeless TTTT.TTTT maybe it sent to a wrong address…………………..

and one moring (July, 18) I checked it again (well, yeah i felt…) and i saw my username!!!!! MY USERNAME IS THERE!!!!
*dances + jumpin’*

oh it has arrived!!!! arrived!!!!

uhm i’m so sorry for being hyper XDDDDDDDDDD

that’s my story today!!!
bubye i wanna finish my dinner dash game……….wakakakakakakakakakaakakaaa