Found this from JoongHana Blog in wordpress XDDDDD
and i won’t edit anything that Joonghana wrote…but i’ll add *get slapped*

First Style my Lovely Man -Junsu-

Junsu really loves to wear overcoats and black…

In my set: The style looks simple..but omg..these clothes is very expensive…
I love this style but this is not something that I would wear…haha…
I chose all Jimmy Choo’s heels in this set..I love Jimmy Choo! I wish one day I can have and wear shoes made by him…

(hmmm…i just know that junsu dun really care about fashion…he just bought what the




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mannequin wore *kicked by Junsu*
but look his style was so high class *_*)

and second my Lovely man number two -Jaejoong-

Joongie is my fashion icon..haha..

his style is so nice..and my target when looking at him is his bags…
he got lots of nice bags especially from LV!!
In my Set: Again there’s Jimmy Choo’s heels in this
I love the 1st clothes..’peek-a-boo’ shirt similar like Joongie’s shirt..
and also love the 3rd clothes..

(hmmm t-shirt i luv to wear it ^^……….amd i want bojjae earphones T.T….i dun want LV bags…
but earphone…earphone *drooling*)

and the third -Leader-sshi Yunho-

Yunho oppa style is also my favourite..I love the way he dress up..

In my set: I chose mostly shorts..its so short and impossible for me to wear..
haha but I like if Im going to wear this style Im going to use leggings..
too sexy not allowed too hehe..I love the 3rd clothes…the skirt is so cute..

(in this case i agree with her =D the third is awesome! but it impossible to wear to T.T
maybe use legging is allowed XD but i love the second t-shirt…peace t-shirt)

the fourth  the maknae -Changmin-

Changmin also got simple and casual style..

I love love love to see him in the 3rd pix…
In my set: I also love the 3rd clothes..something that I always wear..
except that I always use black I match eveything with heels..
that because I love heels…hee

(minnie’s style……i luv the second Jacket!!! yeah ^o^…but the colorful t-shirt is also cute
hmmmm i can’t wear high heels…mybe shoes also allowed =D…converse i think
my fave brand XD)

the fifth and the last one -Yoochun-

I Love Chunnie’s style..its very simple and casual

In my set: This is something that I would wear…I Love the 2nd clothes..
and that Marc Jacobs bag on the left..its so nice and *cough cough* expensive…
and also in this can find a Jimmy Choo’s heels..I really love it!

(Paris T-shirt and mickey I luv it =D…..but i love the second flat sandals XD
i can’t wear high heels…teehee)

that’s all from Joonghana, her suggestion style are so awesome for me XDDD
and the style that i loved is…YunJae Style x)
but all of the T-shirt i loved those =D…also second flat shoes in chunnie’s gurl style *bang my head*
i loveeeee those XD