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Heemihan Paljagugi Naege Isseo
(Nothing Better Than That)

[Junsu] Jinan kwakoseukhe heutojyotteon sigandeulkwa
sujupeun misoreul naneun urideuri korye ko sairreul salmyeosi muldeuryeojeun borabit bada
ajik kueri oraetwein yonineun anijjiman
nawa na gatteun goseul barabomyeo hana deul saegyeneuheun
hwimihan baljageugi naege isseo
Nothing better than that

let's sing together!


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[Changmin]Aloha! This is SM Town from Korea
[Yoochun]Hello Amigo!
[Yunho, Donghae] Bring it on now, put em shades on,
put em in your pocket dont you
wanna go girl, Gacha gacha yeah, Shaka shaka hey!

let's sing!

well I’m really in the mood to made myself tired yesterday -.-;;;
and these sets are the result XDDDD

timeless love

chunjae >.<


Heavenly postman


i’m so sorry this isn’t so good…bad actually *bows*…………I’m newbie in photoshop
gomene there isn’t Jaejoong personal,
Mian there’s not Junsu Personal,
i’m so sorry there isn’t yoochun personal *get kicked*
as my sorry….here’s some blinkies >.o but……..the blinkies are bad too *get kicked again*

pls credit me if you use those sets…hmmmyou can ask me to made a blinkie for you or sets too and Banner also
if i’m really in the mod the sets will finish in 2 days but if i’m blank o_o
maybe 5 days
i’ll lock this in 3 days ^^