well I’m really in the mood to made myself tired yesterday -.-;;;
and these sets are the result XDDDD

timeless love

chunjae >.<


Heavenly postman


i’m so sorry this isn’t so good…bad actually *bows*…………I’m newbie in photoshop
gomene there isn’t Jaejoong personal,
Mian there’s not Junsu Personal,
i’m so sorry there isn’t yoochun personal *get kicked*
as my sorry….here’s some blinkies >.o but……..the blinkies are bad too *get kicked again*

pls credit me if you use those sets…hmmmyou can ask me to made a blinkie for you or sets too and Banner also
if i’m really in the mod the sets will finish in 2 days but if i’m blank o_o
maybe 5 days
i’ll lock this in 3 days ^^