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yaaaaaayyyy, finally I watched this movie!! *throws confetti*

I am waiting since November 2012 thou…and YES!! finally, my modem behaves good, and having a really good mood today…^^; that’s why how I can download it..

yes, my modem is kinda lame and made me sleepy all the time for waiting….-_-“

the movie gets four thumbs and five stars from me..YIIIAAAAAAYYYY

the story is basically about love, at the first time, when I watched the trailer on youtube I thought that it is going to be a lame romantic story about a girl falling in love to a boy, who are actually a werewolf, but they can’t be together because the different…-___-“

but nooo, this movie is not about that, it is about how two different persons were trying to understand each other without saying anything.

yes, the werewolf cannot speak to the girl and the girl is trying to teach him to write, speak, and understand what she said.

it is actually sad movie, I gave it thumbs and stars not because it has so “ooooowh” or “niiiice” ending, but because it is really sad…

if you want to watch it with English subtitle, go to this page –> HERE

the owner had translated it thank you for you…gomawoyo *bows*


as my mom said that i need to find a job soon,

i think that is true, because it is impossible if i kept asking for money to my dad (it is really awkward, since i have graduated)

then i put my resume on several companies, and i prayed that i could get some opportunities..

tadaaa…one day a bank sent a message that i am called to do the test by tomorrow, that’s really something and i am really happy *dances*

but i was getting a disease at that time, chicken pox…-_-

my mom said we can hide those red spots on your face by applying some foundations and blah, blah, blah…then the red spots on my face seemed like vanish…good job mom!

i followed the test and it was, actually not that hard, but kinda hard too…-_-

after that i’m waiting in front of my phone that they may informed me that i’m passed to the next test…and tadaaa….i’m passed and asked to come by the next day to interview ^_^

i am searching all over the internet about interview, this is actually my second job interview, but i’m sure this is scarier than before,

well when i joined the interview, i saw others girls are better than me, they are taller, skinny, and white, and their face are purrrrfect! compared to me with all of these red spots, this is because the chicken pox T_T

the questions actually not that hard, but i don’t know i just wished that i could continue into next test…i’m waiting, waiting, and waiting and no phone calls neither messages…i’m kinda hopeless…then a girl from the job interview sent message to me that she passed and will join another test and asked how about me?

well, not a single message or call are coming, soo i guess this is it…i didn’t pass the test…i’m so sad and confused and relief too actually…because the next test is medical check-up test, the company will know that i have chicken pox…-_-

but i can’t help it, i cried a bit, noo, a lot…i’m really sad and i feel so unlucky, and i feel angry at myself, almost all of the girls had job but they tried their luck at another company, at least they had a job, me…i am a jobless and this is my only hope…this is the second time that i failed for applying jobs, this time hits me really hard and makes me fall to the deepest hole…

but i’m sure that Allah has better plan for me, i wish it is a really the best plan ever, i keep saying to myself that….Allah knows best :’)

I never understand what happen to us, we argued again…

i know that we often argued, too often i think, but it just i think i am too tired of this…

you know, we argued over nonsense things, is it my fault? yours? i don’t know..

it just you, such a temperament guy I’ve ever met in my life.

i don’t understand why Allah made us to meet? why?


it’s three years already, and you haven’t change a bit…throwing your tantrum as you like, even angry birds lose…

if i asked why you were mad you just keep quiet just like a girl when she got periods…


바보 남자..