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actually this is so ashamed post…. .___.

but, I want to keep this as a memory for me…(huehehehe lagi-lagi ngelantur)

for almost 12 years, I have these cute fang among my teeth.

It was so hard for me to extract my teeth when I was child, I refused to get rid of some teeth, that’s why I got two fangs grew off side (what am I talking about here?)

yes, yes, mama sama ayah udah berpuluh-puluh kali nyuruh buat aku pasang kawat gigi supaya gigi nya much more better, but I also refused it thousand times…

I am perfectly find with those protruding fangs or Japanese people called ‘yaeba’

I’d rather to keep those teeth, because they made me looks cute and childish for some reasons… >______<

but, somehow after years, I thought that one of the fang (on the left side is getting protruded…. .____.

this is my picture about a year and half ago…. Continue reading

I know, I know, Eid Fitr had passed weeks ago. I don’t have much time to write on this blog when Eid Fitr was almost here or when Eid Fitr day… .____. Dan salah satu alasan lain nya karena modem nya berulah lagi seperti biasa…

Soooo, all of muslims (surely) wait for this day to come, only one day in a year and Fitr means become pure, holy, and reborn as a new person… A new better person. 🙂

Many different things happened on Eid Fitr days (we usually celebrate it for three or five days) I visited my friends’ house as usual but this year I didn’t come to ine’s and mami’s house .___.
They seemed busy and I couldn’t nag them and kept questioning them when they were home. Aku rasa silaturahim ke rumah orang nggak gitu-gitu maksa juga ㅡ,ㅡ”
I’m kind of miss them *sobs*

Second, I visited Rona’s house. I never visited her house before, so this is a new thing (hahahaha nggak penting sekali sy ketawa)

Third, my junior high school buddy came to visit me!
We were really close together, he is someone that I could rely on. he always copied my math homework and I always nagged him to accompany me everywhere.
We’ve never seen to each other for almost 8-9 years! *cries over happiness*
I moved to Banda Aceh when graduated from junior high meanwhile he moved to Jakarta.
I smiled widely when I saw him walked towards me (bisa dibilang cengengesan nggak jelas sih ㅡ,ㅡ” )
He changed a lot! He used to have same height as me but he’s much taller now, beard is covering his chin ._.
And his voice is totally different from what I could remember.
At least he is still the same person, he’s still friendly and tells jokes a lot (I’m going to miss him)

and the last one is, we celebrated Eid Fitr with a newcomer family member (jiah) brother-in-law.

That was what happened on Eid Fitr, I wish I could be a better person, a better muslim 🙂
Karena Idul Fitri udah habis, saat nya cari kerja lagi. *sigh* kasian banget guek ㅜㅜ

August is here!
Another months passed and time to say goodbye to July…I’m going to miss you *sobs*

Many things happened in July, such as…I got my teaching certificate (after waiting for nine months, phew!)
Ramadhan (and as august come, time to count the end of it)
My birthday, it was the most important thing… .___.
I teach again (and again -____-)
I argued with bokin (again and again and again)
But it was so much fun in July and I expect happiness will follow on August too~

It is raining cat and dog outside and the wind blows crazily *put on raincoat*
I wish it is a good sign though, rain is kind of good blessing for us (after feel the super hotness in July)
So, keep pouring, please ^_____^

When August is here, I kept thinking that Idul Fitri is coming so soon either (about a week later) and I’m sure every muslims can’t wait to that day to come!
And also my Korean course is going to start again soon! Yay for that! (◦ˆ⌣ˆ◦)

Ah, ini tulisan yang sangat random di tanggal 1 agustus ._.
Anyway, time to say Goodbye July. Hello, August.
I’ve known that this month is going to be good 🙂