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Yes, that cute little baby boy’s named Azzam…
he’s handsome..
he’s cutie
He’s heavy
He’s funny
He is still such a spoiled child
He’s gotten hungry easily
he gets angry easily too

I used to love holding him, but he gained weight, faster than I thought — .—


He isn’t that heavy before, he gained weight a lot…and his hair grows faster too…


But he’s still lovable :*

Dear, azzam…I don’t mind at all for your growing up..
but please…pretty please…don’t get mad easily when I refuse to hold you, because you’re not that light and your aunty isn’t young anymore…you gained weight, I’m losing my young energy ._____.
But still….사랑한다 ♥♥


It’s been 27th March…
It was so sudden, you’re leaving faster March… ._.
Maaaaany things happened on March, yeah…banyak..
Getting my passport extended *persiapan*
Lotsa things to do in the office *I hate you, office!*
and teaching class is ended *sedih saya*

Yes, the hardest thing to leave March is realising teaching class is over…
iyaaa, nggak ada lagi tuh namanya maen angin malam-malam juga nggak ada lagi namanya ngeliatin si dokter ganteng * oh, I fall in love so often*
But life must go on~ *nyanyi lagu titanic*

Tapi yang bikin senang pas bulan maret hampir abis itu ya artinya drama hotel king udah makin dekat tanggal tayangnya *joget*
yes, peps I’ve been waiting soooooo long to watch this drama, because Lee dae hee is going to be paired with Lee dong wook! Yes! I love this coupling soooooo much…
I’ve been imagining the drama already…muahahahaha..


Well, I pray that April is going to be nice, verrrryyyyy nice…
I hope I get lots of money *please, pretty please*
I hope Hotel King drama is going to be 대박
And I got new class to be taught…yes peps, I’m getting addicted to teach, because of that handsome doctor I finally realize that teaching isn’t that bad as I thought…heee…

And April, I’m kind of waiting for you and please be rice nice :3

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *screams*

Iya, kenapa sih bisa jadi pelupa kelas hiu kayak gini?
Gara-gara kurang banyak ini nonton drama korea *nggak ada hubungannya*
iya, ultahnya teman dilupain…
Kaca mata udah sebulan ilang, ntah kemana…
mau daftar ke dokter gigi juga lupa terus…kaaaaaaan

Dan kata si adek kalo pelupa berarti nikmat ingatan udah diambil sedikit sama Yang Maha Kuasa…
banyak yang dipikirin akhir-akhir ini…jadi lupa mau ngapain..
kelas ngajar udah hampir abis aja tetibaan…
21 Maret ini habis….
hmmm…gabisa lagi ngeliatin si dokter ganteng ㅠ ㅠ
I’ll miss you handsome Doctor ♥♥
Ini aja bakalan nggak ketemu lima hari aku bisa mati niih *pardon me*

Aaaaaaa….dokter, kenapa sih aku pelupa gini?
kenapa kamu ganteng banget?
Kenapa aku kayak gini?
*nyudut* *ngeliatin foto dokter*

Yes, I was thinking about the past and you lately…
and get confused, how can we just apart easily?

Yes, so this is how it feels when you aren’t around. Relieve…
Weird isn’t it?
I kind like enjoying myself, having more time with my family, having enough time to take care of myself…
I even save more money than I could think I can…

I feel empty sometimes, but not that long…because you weren’t there much when I needed….

Maybe you feel the same either, because we have chosen different path, ah, not we…there aren’t we anymore, right?

So, I hope you will be happy anywhere you be…
And weird, I don’t feel so much hard…

Thank you and, bye…

Yes, we had it today…
After long time doing planning, it happened. Finally.
Yep, all those tiresome and burdensome from the office swept away.
The sun shine…
the beach sound
the smelly sun…
the smoke from those fish….
I’m gonna miss them…








Yes, I love you guys, no words could explain this moment. Hopefully we can gather again just like this time…hopefully 🙂