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Meeting the Koreans

2013-06-11 16.14.56




Banda Aceh, Language Centre – Syiah Kuala University

Yes! Yes! Finally!! *dances around*
Yah! Akhirnyaaaa…Ramadhan is here! 😀
I’ve known already that not only me who was waiting for Ramadhan to come ^^
As it comes to this holy month, we are going to wake up sooo early (at my country at 4 a.m)
Sahur, and fasting…so yes! We are going to do that for a whole month 😀
*entah kenapa jadi semangat* ㅡ,ㅡ”
Seharusnya aku udh tidur sekarang karena harus bangun sahur… ^^;
Well, a day before fasting we are praying together on a mosque… 😀
I can’t say I am exciting enough about this one, karena kadang-kadang malas nya suka datang..hohohoho..
Aku semangat betul soal bulan puasa…hahaha..every years I got so excited ^^;

Dan karena aku belom (juga) dapatin kerjaan yang harus bangun pagi dan pulang sore, aku jadi lumayan sering bantuin mama didapur, hey, at least my cooking skill is increased! ㅡ,ㅡ”
My relationship with mama is getting better too~
Yup! Mama mulai mau ajakin aku jalan-jalan, udah mulai ngajakin buat nemenin beli-beli, I almost cried over happiness!
anyway, aku mulai mengajar lagi…(Back to the earth?)
I almost give up on my bachelor title and I hid under a blanket (?) Everytime someone asked me to teach…hahaha..
I refused to teach because I can’t handle children ㅜㅜ
Aku maunya nggak ngajar anak-anak, tapi selalu dapatnya ngajar anak-anak *sigh*
an expert on teaching guided me to teach and he even helped me to improve my english which is getting worse day by day because lack of practice…ㅡ,ㅡ”
And he even asked me to join the intermediate class and improve my speaking! Thank you a bunch Mr. Said!

That’s all what was happened before Ramadhan, I felt blessed of what happened! ^^

Before lupa…we went to mosque to do Taraweh today (at Baiturrahman mosque) many people were also coming and it was so crowded…It was raining so hard and people who didn’t get some space to pray just stood behind the shaf…
Hujan itu berkah memang, tapi aku ngerasa kasian buat yang nggak dapat tempat buat shalat tadi…
Well, I couldn’t capture some pictures inside the mosque, but I got a blur picture from the outside (sorry) my phone was betrayed me on the last minute! It said the memory is full…(I shouldn’t keep those songs ㅜㅜ)
Anyway, happy fasting for every moslems! (ˆ⌣ˆ)

on 2009 I have wore Hanbok…but it was soooo long time ago…

dan kemarin itu, tanggal 26 april aku bela2in buat pergi kekampus buat kemarukin diri make itu baju… -_-

as information dictated from Wikipedia ._. Hanbok (in South Korea) or Joseon-ot (in North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means “Korean clothing”, hanbok today often refers specifically to hanbok of Joseon Dynasty and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations.

nah karena ini part of Korean culture makanya aku maruk nya nggak nanggung… ._.

ditemanin sama eci en kak nanda yang maruknya juga nggak abis, udah putus kali yah urat malu… ._.

so, here are some pictures which was taken by my Junior… *minta difoto secara maksa*


Imageecii – me – nanda eonni (atau oppa?)

Imagegaya 사랑해… ._.

udah deh segitu aja fotonya… ._.

well, sebelum tulisan ini mencapai ending, I want to tell you part of Hanbok (which I wear that day)

actually, Hanbok that I wore, isn’t in full part of them…

actually there are:

1. Jeogori

The jeogori makes up the upper part of hanbok. Men’s jeogori are larger and simplistic while women’s jeogori are rather short and characterized by curved lines and delicate decorations.

2. Dongjeong

The dongjeong refers to a white collar attached along the rim of the neckline. It contrasts and harmonizes with the overall curve of the neck.

3. Otgoreum (Cloth Strings)

The otgoreum is a women’s ornamental piece, which hangs vertically across the front of the chima (women’s skirt).

4. Baerae (Jeogori Sleeve)
The baerae refers to the lower lines of the sleeve of either the jeogori (traditional jacket), or the magoja (outer jacket). It features a circular line which is naturally curved, similar to the line of the eaves of the traditional Korean house.

The chima is the women’s outer skirt. There are different kinds of chima: single-layered, double-layered, and quilted. Pul-chima refers to a chima with a separated back, whereas a tong-chima has a seamed back.


but, I only wear Jeogori and Chima ^^; ah well, but it doesn’t make any different from photo above, does it?

ah well~  I think I’m going to add more photos later, because some of them with Nanda eonni…-_-

I haven’t wrote here for several weeks ._.

nah, I’m not that busy, but laziness took all over me…

for thus who doesn’t know what is KTO, err…well KTO stands for Korea Tourism Organization.

see, my blog wouldn’t be far from  Korea… –”

at the beginning of this year I sent an email to KTO requesting a guide book and map.

and last month those things are arrived *dances*

and…자짠 they are ^_^


maps of Korea and guide book~

Imagethe subway maps of Seoul

inside the guide book there are soooooo many information about Hotels in korea, from the most expensive one through the cheapest one…

and also the shopping places, restaurant, historical places and must-visit places in Korea *claps*

that was really useful if you are going to korea.

the map is also amazing, not only seoul map is shown but also Busan, Daegu, Incheon…waaah that was really huge for mee…

so happy to get them…yeah!

got my maximum nerve to get there as soon as possible… ._. *sigh*

my blog wouldn’t be so far away from some stories related to korea…-_-”

My friend, Ireane, who was joining exchange program in Jeju University was comeback to Aceh :D, sooo i want to meet her and want to hear some stories about her experience on Korea >.<, well i am jealous yet curious…:D

so we met on KFC (there’s no another place to spend on -_-) and also invite some my highshool friends Rona and Imami…but Imami couldn’t come, she had mountain of assignments to do…

so there were Ireane, Rona and her sister Miki, and surely me…huahahahahaha…i was arrived to KFC first then 15 minutes waiting Ireane came and another 15 minutes Rona came…

there weren’t much change on both of them, Ireane is still porcelain-faced, and Rona still her…talkative…-__-”

hahahahaha…she was telling me some stories in Jeju, but rona was more interesting about the story of her and his boyfriend…i want to hear more about Jeju and seoul, and Korea….╥﹏╥

and then, Ireane gave all of us phone strap…here’s mine ^_^


and i also asked her to buy Sujeo…err Sujeo is spoon and chopsticks which are made from steel…wll, i already had the chopstick, i only need the spoon ^^; the different from the spoon that i usually had in my kitchen is, korean spoon is longer and thin…but the head (?) is big…well, tto avoid confusedness, here is korean spoon and chopstick or Sujeo 🙂


i haven’t used it yet, but i have use the chopsticks…and they are killing me slowly…-_-

they are so thin yet often slipped from my fingers…T^T

and Ireane also gave me this…Tony Moly Masker *jumps*


i hhave put it on my face, and it is not really suit me…some pimples and acnes are on my face the next day after i use it…^^;

but i am really thankful to her, she is soooooo friendly, yet we aren’t often seeing to each other, but i feel grateful ^^;

thank you Ireane, don’t forget about me when you are going to Jeju again…T^T

i feel sooooo lucky to join Korean course *dances*

seonsaengnim said that, korean students from Jeju will visit our class again, when i asked him, seonsaengnim said the same people will come…well, our class was very happy…

on 3th of January they came to our class, yipppie \(^o^)/

seonsaengnim said that we should sit into several groups…two indonesian students and three koreans…this means disaster…-________-”

becauseeee….korean students most of them cannot speak english very well…╥﹏╥  this is why we need to learn body language…

well, my korean is not very good (for three years learning) but i can speak, a little…-___-”

i got three koreans named Oh Na young, Han Guk Hyeong, and Kim Yong Min…2 girls and one boy…they are veryyyyyyyyyy friendly compared to the last students who came here, they were muuuuuuucccccchhhhhhh moooooooreeeeeeee friendly… ˆ⌣ˆ

at the beginning they were greeting us with annyeong haseyo, and we replied and bowed (they shocked when we bowed) -_____-”

they gave us a present, they said this is a gift from our to you…I really love the gift, i cannot stop saying thank you in korean and they laughed…

IMG-20130103-00486 IMG-20130103-00490 IMG-20130103-00492the gift is a fan (ˆ⌣ˆ)

they asked if we wear jilbab is not hot, we just answer it is not that hot, because we wear it everyday, they were amazed…hahahaha compared to your country. Aceh is hotter isn’t?

they said they liked to be here, but they don’t like the hotter…mianhae..hahahaha…they also said that the chicken here is so small, they ate ayam lepaas and they said that the chicken is only one piece… we just looked at them straight-faced…hahaha,,,even only one chicken i cannot finish them all…-___-”

one student is taking fashion designer, she looks really fashionista… 😀

she asked me to buy her Jilbab, because she wanted to try to wear it…well, i said i will buy it for three of them because all of them asked for it too…^^;

i also bought some acheness souvenir for them… 🙂

on sunday, seonsaengnim asked us to come to lampuuk to join korean students…well i’m so glad to meet them again~

i gave them jilbab and the souvenir, they were very happy… 😀

they gave me a notebook and sunblock cream SPF 40…they said that Aceh is very hot, and i need a sun block cream to protect my skin…hahahaha…^^; i dont really need it actually, but i’m great full that they were so concern about my skin…hahahaha (?)

well, here it is they were wearing jilbab (ˆ⌣ˆ)


err, hanguk hyeong that is for girl…-_-“

IMG-20130106-00510actually we did not really enjoying our trip, because one of my friend was injured badly… pity her 😦

on monday we met again…huuft…this is a never ending meeting…^^;

we meet on five corner to drink juice and talk, they even asked about acehness culture to their project…they even made a bracelet from thread…

hanguk hyeong is made it for me…at the end before we went home han guk hyeong said “Oji, don’t forget about me okay…i will come back to Aceh when i get married and i will bring my wife here…yakseok hae!”

before i went home we took picture together…hahahaha…


Oh na young and han guk hyeong ^^

IMG-20130107-00518Yong min ^^

he said that my t-shirt was cool and he gave me 1000 won and 500 won coins…


Photo0036he also gave me a coffee, it is very delicious

Oh Na young (she likes to be called Ona) said she would like to meet me again…well, i wish i could go to Korea someday…and wish me luck epribodeh \^o^/

*mendadak menggema lagu2 wedding party ala barat*

Kyahahahahaha….selamat kakak ku, akhirnya jadi istri juga..

Well kakak ku dan orang ini udah lumayan lama pacaran, 5 taon…hmmm isn’t long?

Preparing mulai nikahan sampe acara pesta nya udah dari bulan 10, mulai dari beli tempat tidur baru, lemari, meja rias, sprey, gorden, n manyak-manyak lah pokok nya (si lena centil gitu ngomong nya)

Mama ku turun 10kg dalam waktu dua bulan…yah namanya juga pernikahan anak pertama, jadi mama ku lumayan stress lah, yg mau nikah nya turun 2,5kg, dan aku naek 2kg (…) yah aku ngerasa hepi sih kakak ku merit jadinya aku senang lah…it is really weird actually…-_-“

Karena orang ini ehem, suaminya itu orang banda aceh asli, jadilah adat yang dipake buat nikahan itu adat aceh, mulai dari beli2 isi talam dan sebagainya sedemikian rupawan nya (?)

Seminggu sebelum acara nikahan, semua sodara-sodara aku dari padang, dumai, bukittinggi, medan, belawan, meulaboh, berdatangan…

Saat itu juga rumah udah sesak dengan 22 orang living together in a small house…*plakk*

Aku sih oke2 aja asal jangan digusur dari kamar yah…:D

Nggak digusur akunya Cuma tas-tas, koper-koper dilemparin semua dikamar aku + adanya kasur tambahan untuk sodara aku yg bersedia bobo bareng aku…muahahahahahah aku kasi ences dah noo…:P

4 hari sebelum nikah ada acara peusijuk manten trus juga pasang inai, yah aku nggak tau juga sih guna nya apa, yang aku tau itu diambil dari adatnya orang india yah..


penginailisasi nggak tau deh betul ato salah itu bahasa nya…

Hari pas nikah adalah hari paling menegangkan diseluruh Indonesia (oke, ini lebay)

Karena kalau suami kakak itu gagal bacain ijab qabul 3x nikah nya ditunda besok…it’s so scary..

Jadi semua perasaan pada kaco balo

I know I’m not the one who said ijab qabul but I feel butterflies are flying around my stomach…-_-“

Yah bukan aku sih yang bakalan duduk didepan ayah buat bacain ijab nya..tapi  aku gugup setengah mampus, belum lagi muka kakak aku yg udh nggak karu2an bentuk nya…

Ayah aku asik ngelap keringat yang sebenarnya hari itu nggak gitu panas..

Dan hasil nya suami kakak Alhamdulillah lancar baca ijab qabul nya..hip..hip..horrraaaaay

\( ^o^ )/

Setelah itu berfoto ria lah di mesjid hahahahahaha…=______=




congratulation sista cantiik… :*

Wedding ceremony nya rada beda dengan orang luar, disini beberapa hari selang baru party nya diadain, karena rumah aku nggak gede jadinya lah party nya itu diadain di gedung cut nyak dhien…

Baguuuus banget…some pictures:



she’s sooooo pretty…>_________<

dan yang melelahkan adalah….pesta kedua ditempat suaminya…or org aceh bilang tueng dara baroe…whatsover lah ya gimana tulisan nya =__=


boleh la yaa aku ikut dandan ikut dara baroe nya… ( .__.)



bareng si bokin ganteng *ngakak*

Aniwey, congratulation sista, you looks awesome ^______^

Ps. Pertanyaan paling menyebalkan mulai ditanya sama aku, adik nya kapan nih nyusul nya…bentar ya nunggu kera sakti turun ke banda aceh



wellllll….karena modem gak pernah di isi pulsa lagi jadi sangat jarang ngapdet ini blog…-___-”
sebenarnya hari ini juga karena ngampus jadi memanfaatkan wifi kampus sebaik2 nya…*digebukin*

minggu kemaren aku ngunjungin teman aku yg baru pulang dari Jeju, Korea…yeah right everybody Jeju Island, Korea! *tereak pake toa*

pertama-tama aku dengar kabar kalo dia bakalan berangkat ke jeju, untuk kuliah, dibiayain pula…OMIGOSH!
aku sirik setengah mampus…ya iyalah sirik, gimana mau gak sirik…
we both like korea so much and she visits it first…
aku pikir Allah terlalu gak adil sama aku…T______________T

tapi setelah kemaren aku datang kerumah nya, well karena aku pengen dengar cerita dia tentang gimana sih bagus nya korea itu, aku jadi biasa aja…

emmm…aku sendiri agak gak percaya kalo aku gak sirik, aku malah nanya2 gimana disana, makanan nya, n kemana aja dia udh jalan2…
aku gak sirik..but it’s so wow for her…

hahahaha…aku rasa karena aku lagi puasa yah jadi aku gak sirik…? maybe…-____-”

terus teman aku itu ngasih oleh2 buat aku..
seriously, i went there not for that, but just to meet her and listen to her story…
tapi aku dikasih banyak deh sama dia…jadi senang…hahahahaha….*ditabok*
baidewei nama teman aku itu ireane…(kok baru sekarang disebutin?)
dia ngasih aku post card gambar teddy bear dari film goong, terus sumpit yg lucu…ada bunga2an warna pink, terus ada kaos kaki jeju, ada patung jeju nya itu..huihihihi…

terus ada 2 lagi yg dia kasi…yg gak tega banget deh aku sentuh nya…
ini dia

serius aku gak tega makan nya 😥

tapi cuma bertahan dua hari aja kok abis itu aku makanin semua nya…huahahahaha…:D
cake nya enaak, pertama rasanya sama sih kyk cake oreo, tapi isi dalam nya itu lho…
marshmallow kayak nya…hmmm…i love it…:d

terus aku tanya berapaan biaya buat ke sana…dy blg pp 7jutaan..
means that it’s possible for me to go there..ciaaattt…

aku harus cepat2 dapat kerja nih *mendadak semangat*

Seoul, I’m comiiiiiiinnnnggggg

On June 14, our Korean teacher invited some students from Jeju to see our class..

I was the first one who arrived to class, I was like when seeing there were too many Koreans in our classroom…

we were separated into two groups and the class begin awkwardly. They tried harder to introduce themselves by using Indonesian…

then we were trying super hard to introduce ourselves in Korean…

abis itu semuanya turns so well..hehehehe…

kami dapat satu orang buat bicara dan tanya-tanya…dan ini kira2 penampakan my pair…Kang Him Chan Oppa…muihihihi..

we are called pink couple :p

udh gitu kita maen2 sam-yuk-gu…
i actually don’t like that game…klo salah tepok
bisa kena tepok sama semua yang maen…:/

they are really friendly..^^
we took a photo together for sure…:)

I’m gonna miss them 😦

diantara semua Koreans itu, cewek keriting ini yg paling aku suka..
Hee Sung 🙂

neomu kyeoptaaa ><

selang seminggu abis jumpa2an dengan orang Korea…
masuk email dari seonsaengnim..
seonsangnim bilang klo ada acara Friends’ day dikantin AAC..
i’m really super excited ^o^

ada acara minum2 teh dan Kopi Korea…slurp…slurp…

i have tested all of them :d

sebetulnya aneh sih rasa teh sama kopinya…karena gak ada rasa..
istrinya seonsangnim bilang klo mereka minum teh ato kopi
memang gak pake gula..tuiiiing…
beda banget dengan disiniiiiih…makanya semua orang pada diabetes..

ini sebagian dari hasil narsis2an hahahah..:D

Heesung lagi buat kopi….heesung dongsaeng, kopi juseyo 😀

they are playing Korean traditional instrument ^^

seonsangnim ^^

the last pic is with Ji yeon eonni…:)
she is the friendliest person among all of the koreans…
I’m gonna miss you all eonni, oppa, dongsaeng…:D

akhirnya….udah berjam-jam duduk, cuma buat ngedit blog ini…akhiirnya….yeah right…finally… 😀 sebenarnya gak penting juga pindah-pindah kayak gini…

but i do like it… 🙂

jadii…hari rabu kemaren aku pergi ke kampus…niat nya sih mau minjem buku diperpus… pas udah nyampe perpus aku langsung naek ke lantai 3..yah sebenarnya males, tapi tentang bahasa itu adanya cuma dilantai 3… mau bahasa inggris, indonesia, and I’m sure there’s also Alien language there… :3    jadi pas naek ke lantai 3 tuh langsung belok ke kanan n aku shocked gitu liat korea’s corner nya…

8 bulan yang lalu Korea’s corner nya itu cuma ada dua meja yang digabungin, terus banyak buku-buku tentang bahasa korea ditumpuk disitu…tapi kemaren itu laen…semuanya berubah total, makes me don’t wanna go anywhere…-__-”

dimulai dari dinding disekitar Korea’s corner yang dilukis-lukis…

Siapa yang gambar ini? tolong gambarin dong dikamar aku…T.T

waaah…suasananya itu keren jadinya…

terus, buku-buku yang dulunya cuma ditumpuk aja di atasa meja gitu sekarang udah ada di rak buku…

Map korea nya boleh dibawa pulang? *ditabok*

ada lukisan, gambar-gambar, poster yang gak ditempelImage 
Mau lah sebijik…*ditabok lagi*

and this is what I like…seems like an old art of Korean Women ❤

gak boleh dibawa pulang…T.T

sebenarnya fotonya sambil sembunyi-sembunyi…malu diliatin orang…muahahahaha…                                  *gak penting*

eniwey…semuanya jadi pengen aja gitu dibawa pulang…(yg sayangnya gak boleh)                                            jadi gak pengen pulang pas udah disitu…sampe lupa rencana nya tai mau pergi kesitu itu buat minjem buku…-___________-

last shot sebelum pulang muahahahaha…

gak boleh bobo disitu…T.T