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Well, well, well it’s been a while after finished watching Arang and the Magistrate

I cried at the last episode…yes, when they were walking together near the river bank and without words they were looking at each other…”아랑…사랑한다…” or “I love you, arang” yet that was sweet and painful confession ever…huwaaa…huwaaa…



painful confession everrrrr….T.T

I have been watching Arang and the magistrate over and over again, last night was the 12nd times…-_-

My brother, yet, aware that I have been watching this drama this whole month, and cried at the same scenes…*call me weird, puh..lease* -_-

K. will with You are Love are playing continuously in my room, and my brother also remember some of the lyrics…he’s good d-_-b

The story line of Arang and the Magistrate amaze me, for real!

The twist, the plot, and the couple, for sure, were amaze me

It’s been so long I was being addicted by the couple in the story…-_-

With the unusual story line, this sageuk drama accepts 5 full bright and shine stars from me, yeah right!

Well, and I am currently stalking Lee Jun Ki’s twitter nowadays ._.

I remember exactly the first time I saw Lee Jun Ki on The king and the clown, Gong Gil, waah, this man is cute and pretty, nah! nah that handsome thingy or cool, but gyopdei~ *with sathuri style*


the pretty gong gil~

And continued with time between dog and wolf, he become manly, his hairstyle was awesome! 3 stars from me Lee Jun Ki ssi! But left no meaningful memory about this drama. So it is finished? Oh okay… just it, finish, kkeut!



Continued again to iljimae. Wah, I never realize that I have been following his dramas and movie this far…-_-

Ahem…and when I watched it, gyaaah, I need romance scene! Romance!!! PD-nim babo yah!!!

Seems like my romantic side is dead when watching this action-sageuk-drama…and again, he has that anime/manga’s hairstyle, tsk! Change it please Jun Ki ssi!


i don’t really like this hairstyle…-_-

Then, Lee Jun Ki disappeared to army duty, ah well, that doesn’t matter, that was what I thought about him.

On 2012 he is back with this drama, Arang and the Magistrate.

My first thought was, ah, another sageuk drama, must be action and no romance here, I guess.

But when watching the first episode, I was laughing like a fool.

Unusual story with the life after death and ghosts were living around humans…are they become immortal? -_-

Lee Jun Ki also grows as mature man, nope, I stop seeing him as Gong Gil, the pretty-faced boy. His v-jaws line is perfectly changed into manly jaws.

And his hairstyle, I can’t get enough of his hairstyle. I love it a lot and 5 stars are for you~. Although in arang I can’t see his hair, completely can’t see…with that hat around him -_-


who is this guy??? *gulps*



Satto… ❤

But I continued watching this drama, it attracts me more and more towards this weird relationship between Arang and Eun Oh ‘satto’.


the weirdest meeting ever -_-“

How he hated Arang for being so clingy to him, ask him to do many things for her and how he always told her to ‘get lost!’ but, finally he just decided to help Arang because she carried around his mother hairpin! Aish! How cold!



how annoyed satto towards arang… ._.

How this drama started with comedy-romance story and how they were yelling at each other several times, and become hating-caring relationship which made me scream and crawling…-_-



And as the episode continued, this drama grew into romance-mellow drama. Satto showed how he cared a lot and jealous a tons towards Arang and Ju Wal. While Arang kept caring to Satto and thought that ‘is he skip his meal again?’…ah, the writer’s work amazed me more and more.

And how Lee Jun Ki was playing with his emotions towards Arang, and how clumsy, yet cute Shin Min Ah emotions were doing good job on screen. I even believe that they have feeling to each other. ._.


the awkward moment…-_-“

As the time flied, their chemistry grown strong and strong *what’s exactly wrong with me?*

I saw 1001 Lee Jun Ki’s expressions on this Drama. How he saw Arang at the first time, how he just called her ‘amnesia’ then to her name, Arang, and how his feeling changed as they spent the time together.


Arang! Arang! Wake up!!! *pretends to be Satto*

Satto was telling her about his past and Arang was revealing her thought about her piece of memories, and I remember how the writer was playing around with the viewers feelings too…aish!


the secret date…ahem…

Eun Oh ‘satto’ decided to confess his true feeling towards Arang, and how he pretend did not care about what happen next as long as he has confessed already. How sweet is that.. 


“I don’t know what to do, I have told you that I will send you to heaven and about my feeling you don’t have to worry. But seeing you with other guy that makes me regret, regret why I didn’t force you tell the truth!!”


“this is what I am going to do Arang, when I want to hug you, I will do it. When I want to see you, I will see you, and when I want to tell anything, I will tell you…”

Meanwhile Arang pushed Satto’s feeling because she didn’t want Satto got hurt more and more. She only has two months and she didn’t want Satto got hurt when she left. How painful was that, fate was playing with this cute couple…huwaaaaaa (//_\\)


“Satto, it is not complicated! You will stay, and I will go to heaven. What’s matter with that!!”

 but at least, she admit that she loves him too~

“not like the other I can’t make Satto’s body warm, or I can’t stay on Satto’s side for a long long time. Just doing this, buttoning your clothes and also when I left this world, I might forget my memories about you….but still, I have loved you, Satto…”


YAH! Tissues please!! A lot please!!

This drama becomes the best drama ever that I never get enough of watching. It has been 12nd times watching this and I even loved this more and more.

I read on some news that Lee Jun Ki will play new drama soon (airing on August) means that three months later, duh!

But it is not romance dramaaaa…aaanggggg….what? why? ㅜㅜ

Two Weeks, is the title, I don’t know who will be the female lead. And it also said that Lee Jun Ki has daughter on this drama. Wott? PD-nim, his daughter should be cute, or else! *gesturing pointed finger to neck*

I totally can’t wait of this drama for sure, because I miss Lee Jun Ki ssi a lot on my laptop screen *laughing even more*

I wish this drama will have some romance scenes

I wish Lee Jun Ki ssi won’t be beaten many times.

I wish the female lead is younger than him, Go Ara would be nice.

I wish this drama rating will be the highest on 2013

I wish some comedies scene will be appeared

Anyway, Lee Jun Ki ssi, ahem, no, Satto, good luck on your new project! *pretend to be Arang* *get slapped*


I have finished watching another korean drama again…^o^

yah, mumpung nggak ada kerjaan, dirumah terus sih ._.

drama yang baru aja selesai di nonton adalah….jeng jeng! (semacam lebay)

Arang and the Magistrate a.k.a 아랑 사또 전


this drama started around august 2012 and finished on October…yeah I do really late watching this one… ._.

sebenarnya udah lama juga nggak kemaruk gini nonton dramanya, semacam marathon…dalam bulan april ini aku udah nonton sekitar tiga biji drama… ._.

dari mulai I miss you sama that winter, the wind blows… aku suka sih dramanya tapi yah aku nggak sampe kena virus addicted nya… ._.

yah, well virus addicted ini jarang banget kenanya pas aku udah kuliah, paling rentan yah pas SMA…ehem…virus addicted ini kira2 ciri-cirinya:

– addicted sama main couple nya

– addicted sama film nya

– ngumpulin picture couple nya dari gugel

biasanya kalo nontonin drama, cewek-cewek pasti addicted sama main role guy di film dramanya, but not with me…aku biasanya addicted itu sama coupling yang ada di drama, kind of weird, but sebenarnya itu adalah gejala-gejala pengen ngerasain ada di posisi couple itu sih…

eniwei enough about the syndrome ._.

Arang and the Magistrate ini sebenarnya nggak sengaja aja gitu downloadnya, cuma download episode 1 nya doang terus…..kyaa lucu…Joon ki sama Min ah >.<

akhirnya…nggak, aku nggak beli dvd bajakan nya…tapi aku minta copy sama kawan..muahahahaha…jadilah aku nonton ini drama…

film nya sendiri about love which happened on Joseon era…

Lee Joon ki as the magistrate, and Shin Min ah as spirit or Arang…


the magistrate kim eun oh and his slave deol seo

Kim eun oh ini awal filmnya orang nya nggak pedulian sama orang lain, yah yang penting urusan nya selesai aja, nggak peduili tuh sama orang lain, krn menurutnya urusan orang ya bukan urusan dia… ._. kim eun oh ini punya keahlian, he can see spirit…scary but he always ignores his ability..Kim eun oh mengembara buat cari ibunya yang pergi ninggalin dia..


arang, atau Lee Seo Rim…Arang ini dia udah mati, tapi dia lupa kenapa dia metong…._.

makanya karena cuma kim eun oh yang bisa liat, jadi dia minta tolong kim eun oh buat cari tau kenapa dia mati…awalnya siih kim eun oh ogah banget urusin urusan nya Arang, tapi karena Arang ini bawa2 hair pin yang sebenarnya itu punya ibunya kim eun oh, yah jadi dia mikirnya buat bantuin, siapa tau dia jadi tau kemana ibunya…sambil menyelam minum air gitu deh…

sebelum meninggal Arang ini di jodohin sama Ju Wol, anak bupati gitu deh. tapi Ju Wol ini nggak ada minat sama Arang, jadi pernikahan nya semacam batal…kasian..

tapi karena arang ini kiyut banget and ngikutin kemana Kim eun oh pergi jadilah Kim Eun Oh ini suka sama arang… ._.


as I remembered he falls in love with Arang on episode 3, but he tried hard to ignore the feeling…*aaawh*

tapi kalo dia ngeliat Arang sama Ju Wol jalan-jalan hatinya ketar ketir nggak jelas…ckckck…


adegan pas kim eun oh narik arang karena lagi ngobrol bareng Ju Wol, hmmm…I smell jealousy here~ OwO

film nya ini seru deh, tapi yang bikin takut itu ibunya Kim Eun Oh…

Image._. I don’t know what to say when seeing this episode…

Ibunya kim eun oh itu cantik sih, tapi di film dia rajin melotot, jadi yah…scary…T_T

nah yang paling lucu itu adegan terakhirnya siih, pas arang sama eun oh udah reinkarnasi..


Kim Eun Oh yang lupa sama Arang bikin dia capek ngejelasin nya, sampe emosian gitu dia ngejelasin nya..ouuuh, it is so frustating! she said ._.

akhirnya finish deh nonton Arang and the magistrate nya…huhuhuhu… I don’t want it finished already! T_T

some of my favourite pictures~





dan yang paling favorite itu..ehem…




Imagefilm ini bikin kesal yah nungguin adegan ini…-_-

karena dari pertama Kim Eun Oh nya maju mundur nih pengen nunjukin perasaan nya sama Arang…it’s soooo frustrating… ._.

when the movie is almost finished I am really sick of kissing scene… ._. eh, nggak sih, selamat buat Lee Joon Ki karena udah banyak-banyak ciumin Shin Min Ah…muwahahahahaha…uhuk..uhuk…

I’m sorry, it’s kind of addicted to this couple I guess… ._.