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since i have joined to this beauty business, it's kind of funny if I did not try it by myself…-__-"
my first try for the product is Optimals Even Out cream. this is what its written on the bottle:

Lightening and dark spot fading day cream with SPF 2
[Net wt.] 50 ml/1.6 fl.oz.
this is it…the picture:

this is so damn good for me *jumps* i have so many acnes dark spot…
by the way i have a sensitive skin, it's so easy for me
to get pimples if i used unsuitable product….-_- 

I have been using it for two weeks…this is what i think about the product:

+  for packing, it seems like any other cream packing.

+ it smells really weird when i apply it on my face, but when I rub them on my face,
the smell changes…it soo nice like rose? or lily? i dunno ^.^;

+ it has matte touch, but i think it is also suitable for oily skin. my mother has that type of skin.
and it fine for her. on the package it says "for all skin type" I think we don't need to worry. 😀

+ this product contains Liquorice Extract. from what i found, liquorice extract is useful for In many parts of the world, licorice extract is used to treat hyperpigmentation, or the darkening of skin and nails due to high levels of melanin. Licorice extract is considered one of the many natural compounds, along with various types of citrus fruits, that act as a skin brightener when applied topically.

You see how useful Liquorice Extract 😀 

+ after two weeks i'm using it, i feel my face become so soft. my friends said my face is brighter than
before. i really don't know if my face was that bad before…-____-"

+ what i like from this product:
it is really brighter my skin, and soften it. about my dark spot, some of the are vanished #yay!
I do really need to protect my face from sun screen and SPF 20 is enough from this cream v ^_^ v

just remember we only need to be patient when using it 🙂

Product details:
– Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20
– Even out formula with liquorice extract
– lightening and dark spot fading day cream with SPF 20
– Net wt. 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.
– price $15 or 149.000 rupiahs

I'll try to apply it to my hand -_____-"

i'm so sorry, i'll buy a better camera later…^.^;

i definitely buy it again later…if i have some money…mueheheheh…
well bye…