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Desember udah dataaaaang~
hiye, hiye, hiye *nari hula hula*

Serius! 2014 harus cepat-cepat pergi kalender harus cepat-cepat diganti.
drama marathon masi terus berlangsung sampe sekarang, iya aku nonton drama lagi kalap-kalap nya kayak orang mggak punya tipi, Birth of a beauty, Pinocchio, pride and prejudice, rosy lovers, misaeng, *tarik napas*, rerun playful kiss, itazura na kiss, dream high…
punya waktu luang lebih banyak memang paling enak~~~~

Dan dengan segera, yah segera, harus belajar untuk tes selanjut nya…pengumuman nya belum tau kapan yah tapiii…
Harus segera ke Langsa *fiuh*

Harus banyak-banyak istirahat, tapi malah gara-gara drama tidurnya jam 2 terus-terusan *serius umur bakalan pendek sependek badan*

Semoga semua berjalan lancar, urusan hati juga udah mulai agak lancar, ahahahaha hati harus sering disebut.
err…masalah move on, eemmmm….gimana ya, iya deh ngaku…
tapi nggak sampe gila kok, kemaren-kemaren udah gila nya. Ahahahahahaha… -________-
kopi udah nggak terasa terlalu pahit lagi
hujan juga mulai terasa adem nggak terlalu dingin lagi
Kayak nya bentar lagi rapor bakalan dapat B *cling cling*

Ohiya balik lagi ke masalah tes, semoga tes nya bahasa inggris semua yaaaaa, hayok di amin-in…
mama bilang rajin-rajin doa, doa orang jomblo biasanya didengar karena teraniaya hatinya…haha…mamaaaa ._____.

Terakhir deh


Abang Mike sama kakak Aom ini sering muncul dikomputer, jadi yaaaa nggak ada salah nya muncul di blog juga..
eh? Nggak tau ini siapa? Ini Aom sushar sama Mike angelo, pemain full house versi Thailand *hey abang dan kakak jadian gih*

Udah ah segitu aja dulu, masalah kerjaan, biasa santai dan sedikit terburu-buru *hormat pak bos* *salto*

P.s. pak bos kalo diliat-liat anteng juga, eh nggak pak bos itu cool kayak kepiting mati. Sayang udah kawin, pak bos kurang beruntung

From now on, that title would appear on my blog often. Everytime I feel loving-to-death into a character in dramaland.

Anyway let’s start with this guy, who apparently comes to my head every seconds.


Oke, cakep, lanjut.

Well, I never saw this guy on a drama. Really. Honestly. I’ve been on dramaland since 2005 and this guy missed on my sight. Damn. Double damn!

And on his 36, he still looks charming and perfectly young.


Err, this is on conspiracy on the court. Well, i will zoom him…


Okay young man, moustache is weird for you. Take it off, take it off!

Still, I don’t Watch sageuk drama when it was 2008 I’ll see it as a boring and lame, the plot must be fulfilled with boringness and lacky in every area, but arang and the magistrate changes it all.
so, i missed this drama as well. Damn.

And if you watch Master’s sun ep. 1 Jin Yi Han was there too as a cameo, he’s going to have a wedding party with one of Joo sajangnim’s model…

Doesn’t ring the bell, yet? Okay…let me check another drama…
Ah right, Time Slip Dr. jin…right, Kim Jaejoong drama…yet he also did a supporting role -_______-


If you cannot remember him, don’t worry…I can’t either ._____.
He is a good friend of JaeJoong on that drama (even in real life they’re also friend)

Oh you may know this guy, right! Tal Tal from empress Ki ♥♥
Yeah right, Jin Yi Han finally appears on my eyes, but damn! I missed him, you know, because he was a supporting roles, he didn’t appear that much…

Aaaaaaand a new leaf, a story about lawyers, yes he played as supporting roles again, but he did a great job! *thumbs up*

And yes, ladies he is handsome~~

And recently, he just finished a rom-com drama, My Secret Hotel along with Yoo In Na


And yes, I reccomend this drama! Altough the ratings are poor, but who cares as long as the actor is Jin Yi Han ♥♥
Well, let’s squeeze Mr. YiHan and put him on my pocket. Well, offto check his instagram (he updates a lot)

Picture credits to Dramabeans

I’ve been counting the days and this month pass very slow… I mean for real…
ㅡ,,ㅡ hyuu…
I’m going to a vacation next month so I really look forward to that…heee…^^
But I don’t know how many days passed, May wouldn’t come that easy, I guess…
so, while waiting for May to come, I watch Cunning Single lady…ahahaha…beside of waiting for May, I’m waiting for Hotel king newest episode as well…ahahaha…
Let me put the official poster for this CSL drama…


자장! Can you guess what is the drama about? Oh well, it is rom-com drama (which is my fave genre ever). The story began sweetly with two couple tried their best to have a perfect life, their life ran smoothly with the husband got a job as a civil servant and their life turned upside down when the husband resigned from his job and started a business which wasn’t really successful…
the wife couldn’t stand living in that way, she asked for divorce and said the unforgettable words which stabbed the husband’s heart. Soooo, three years passed (time flies faster in a movie -.-) the wife lived with not much money that she earned while the husband lived so well, even become a chaebol! (Rich man, what a three-year) so then, the wife wanted to get her revenge, because he had become a cold-hearted successful CEO (tsk..tsk..bad guy)

Let’s get to know more about the character…


Cha Jung Woo – the handsome successful CEO who become the man that would be married with. After 4-year-marriage, he divorced with his Ex-wife Na ae ra due to financial problem. Our main lead who will drag our emotion along with his cool and cocky personality, he is the man that make us not only want to punch him hardly but also kiss him right on his cheek badly.
*this ajuhssi look so damn cool and ahwuhsam for me, 오빠 사랑해!


Na Ae Ra – she is our cunning lady who wanted to take revenge upon her Ex-husband Cha Jung Woo. She got angry easily and cry very often, sometimes she acted silly and stupid, but she just being who she really are. She has very bad luck with men. I think her life is circled with bad luck ㅡ..ㅡ

And korean drama wouldn’t be so great without the second lead actor and actress, would it?

Guk Yeo Jin – Yeo jin is kind of woman that we would tear her a part and torture her very well. She was that kind of woman who loved Cha Jung Woo secretly and she had power (one of stakeholder) to make him agreed easily, bit don’t worry our CEO had pride to take care of, so she was going to spend many times to take CEO’s heart (muahahahahaha)

Guk Seung Hyun – and this guy with his puppy eyes and comic side of him would steal our heart away with his kindness, caring personality, and always be there if you need. He is going to break our heart with his I’m-fine-I-hope you’ll-be-happy look. He was going to be our Cleo’s rival in getting Na Ae Ra’s heart. Guk seung hyun is guk yeo jin younger brother.

officially the drama is airing until episode 14, It is only two episodes left. I’ve watches until episode 5, there’s also boring episode on this drama, sometimes it looked that the story dragged slowly which made me skipped several scenes. Na Ae Ra, acted very good in this drama and she is very pretty. Sometimes I feel pity for her, because her bad luck…oh well, while watching this drama, several thought appeared…
what if my life become just like Na Ae Ra? Become single and cunning
I’ve just broke up due to financial problem too, that 나쁜 남자 took advantage of me, he keep telling me to pay the bill ㅜ ㅜ
Ah well, it is just drama right? (Tetibaan curhat)

Anyway, this drama is recommended, it got 4 stars, because I love rom-com, actors and actresses did a very good job too ^^
Still this April is going to end well I guess. And May, 빨리 와!

After waited for one month, finally yes…finally…
hotel king drama is aired *dances*
Pas lagi download *pastinya di kantor tercintah* *dipelototin pak bos*
Sempat mikir juga gimana kalo ini drama nggak seru atau not worthy enough to be waited…tapiiiii…
Haduuuh…sumpah ini drama wajib nonton deh…tambahin tu dirukun iman…-.-”

Worth wait dah ini drama…
Dan yang nggak enaknya harus nunggu semingguan supaya bisa nonton, yah karena namanya juga weekend drama ._.
Daaan…yang bikin squeezing itu ngeliatin Lee dong wook bareng Lee da hae *_*


Uhuk…uhuk…yah, give me another romance skinship, you both!! *digampar orang se erteh*




Kill.me.kill.me.kill.me…please give them a room! *pardon me*

Oh well, I hate waiting, but for this drama…bare with me…-_-
udah ah nulisnya…gila saya… ._____.

It’s been 27th March…
It was so sudden, you’re leaving faster March… ._.
Maaaaany things happened on March, yeah…banyak..
Getting my passport extended *persiapan*
Lotsa things to do in the office *I hate you, office!*
and teaching class is ended *sedih saya*

Yes, the hardest thing to leave March is realising teaching class is over…
iyaaa, nggak ada lagi tuh namanya maen angin malam-malam juga nggak ada lagi namanya ngeliatin si dokter ganteng * oh, I fall in love so often*
But life must go on~ *nyanyi lagu titanic*

Tapi yang bikin senang pas bulan maret hampir abis itu ya artinya drama hotel king udah makin dekat tanggal tayangnya *joget*
yes, peps I’ve been waiting soooooo long to watch this drama, because Lee dae hee is going to be paired with Lee dong wook! Yes! I love this coupling soooooo much…
I’ve been imagining the drama already…muahahahaha..


Well, I pray that April is going to be nice, verrrryyyyy nice…
I hope I get lots of money *please, pretty please*
I hope Hotel King drama is going to be 대박
And I got new class to be taught…yes peps, I’m getting addicted to teach, because of that handsome doctor I finally realize that teaching isn’t that bad as I thought…heee…

And April, I’m kind of waiting for you and please be rice nice :3

I just want to post this picture so badly…Tae San and his daughter, Su Jin ♥♥


Isn’t he good being a father? It suits him well isn’t it?
Yang ganteng memang bikin adem hati .___.

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

It is about Korean drama again~ memang nya bisa tentang apa lagi yang bisa ditulis disini kalo bukan tentang korea, drama, dan sebangsanya (?)

All rightey! I have just finished watching another Korean drama and is going to write quick review to it!


Ma Boy, yup that was the title for the drama, this drama aired on 2012 ^^;

Daan, drama ini kiyut banget, aku nggak berenti menjerit—jerit gejeh pas nonton ini drama…aaang~ >_<

Nggak kayak drama-drama korea lain nya, drama ini Cuma ada 3 episode yaah kuciwa dan yeees it’s not too long~

Baiklah! Drama ini tentang kehidupan masa-masa SMA yang penuh dengan intrik dan konflik. Yang buat ini drama beda dengan drama-drama anak sekolahan pada umum nya, drama ini genre nya gender-bender. Yup! Benar sekali, semacam hana kimi tapi kai ini cowok yang berubah jadi cewek (nah loh)

Pas baca-baca review singkatnya is not going to be possible that boy could acts girly and sissy or something like that, tapi pas nonton, oh nooo, oh yeess (?) cowok nya itu cantik bangeeeet >_< sepertinya saya kena demam flower boy -_____-



Hyun Woo a.k.a Irene

Sun Woong yang meranin Hyun woo/Irene bisa jadi cantik banget sekaligus ganteng banget (omigosh!)

Awal film nya Jang Geu Rim (yang dihina jadi jjang gurim alias bau banget) sukanya sama Tae Joon. Awal film nya aja udah komik abis deh ini drama, semacam jadi baca Manhwa yang unik banget pas nonton nya.


cute yet innocent Jang Geu Rim~

Jang Geu Rim yang pindah ke Seoul mimpi jadi back dancer nya Tae Joon (so typical high-school dreamer) tapi pas dia masuk sekolah yang sama dengan Tae Joon, eh Tae Joon naksir Irene yang sebenarnya dia itu laki-laki, but nobody knows it, sampe guru-guru, kepala sekolah and epribodeh are fooled  -___-


the gross star Tae Joon

Irene ini artis terkenal gitu deh di Korea, karena dianggap cewek yang misterius and jarang bersuara (yaiyalah secara cuaranya macho -_-)

Sebenarnya Hyun Woo itu artis training tapi karena dance nya kurang bagus, dia nggak debut-debut deh…tapi akal-akalan produser nya dia dirubah jadi perempuan and booming dan melejit deh ketenaran nya. -___-


hits as girl~

Tapi karena Irene ini sekamar dengan Jang Geurim, mau nggak mau Geu Rim tau deh identitas aslinya Irene. Geu Rim jadi merasa bertanggung jawab buat ngelindungin Irene supaya identitasnya nggak diketahui.


protect the star

As time flows~ (cailah bahasa guwek!) Geu Rim ada rasa-rasa gimana gitu sama Hyun Woo/Irene. Dia jadi gregetan gimanaaa gitu…aaaaakkkkh (jerit)

Hyun Woo pun gitu juga dia ngerasa cemburu abis kalo liat Tae Joon dekatin Geu Rim.


Ujung-ujungnya ada reporter yang sial banget pengen ngerusak karirnya Irene, jadilah Irene ini berhenti jadi artis dan aku piker ending nya gitu aja Hyun Woo yang mendadak menghilang ninggalin jang Geu Rim pas dia udah ungkapin perasaan nya ㅜㅜ

Tapi enggak, Hyun Woo akhirnya debut jadi boyband daaaan terkenal en nemuin Geu Rim lagi on his truth appearance.


the grabbing hand scene

Drama ini lucuuuu banget, aku nggak berenti-berenti bilang, aaaawh kiyowo~ disepanjang 3 episode filmnya…

Ending filmnya juga cute banget, I have been expecting that the ending Hyun Woo and Geu Rim would be together, but I don’t know that Hyun Woo would kiss Geu Rim’s forehead and how cute is that?


Yah, itu lebih dari yang diharapin, aku malah harapin nya nggak ada adegan kissing didalam film ini karena ini kan seputaran anak sekolah, if there would be any kissing scene on this drama, it would be gross.

Tapi ending nya nggak bikin muntaber pas liat main actor sama actress nya kissing forehead gitu, it ends sweet instead.

Nah, kalo aja aku masih SMA pas nonton ini pasti aku udah melting gak jelas sama Hyun Woo tapi karena aku nonton pas umur aku udah mulai nggak muda lagi, aku kayak ngerasa ibu guru yang ngeliatin murid nya fall in love -______-

Anyway 5 stars to this drama, because I love it! drama ini diringkas ringan buat yang bosan nonton drama yang panjang-panjang berpuluh-puluh episode atau belasan. Dan konfliknya yang ringan juga nggak bikin dahi mengkerut kok pas nonton nya, go with the flows deh ini drama!

dan drama ini masuk dalam list drama yang nggak akan didelete dari laptop…huwahahahaha…ahem. -__-

*credit screen-caps to Dramabeans