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Yes! Yes! Finally!! *dances around*
Yah! Akhirnyaaaa…Ramadhan is here! 😀
I’ve known already that not only me who was waiting for Ramadhan to come ^^
As it comes to this holy month, we are going to wake up sooo early (at my country at 4 a.m)
Sahur, and fasting…so yes! We are going to do that for a whole month 😀
*entah kenapa jadi semangat* ㅡ,ㅡ”
Seharusnya aku udh tidur sekarang karena harus bangun sahur… ^^;
Well, a day before fasting we are praying together on a mosque… 😀
I can’t say I am exciting enough about this one, karena kadang-kadang malas nya suka datang..hohohoho..
Aku semangat betul soal bulan puasa…hahaha..every years I got so excited ^^;

Dan karena aku belom (juga) dapatin kerjaan yang harus bangun pagi dan pulang sore, aku jadi lumayan sering bantuin mama didapur, hey, at least my cooking skill is increased! ㅡ,ㅡ”
My relationship with mama is getting better too~
Yup! Mama mulai mau ajakin aku jalan-jalan, udah mulai ngajakin buat nemenin beli-beli, I almost cried over happiness!
anyway, aku mulai mengajar lagi…(Back to the earth?)
I almost give up on my bachelor title and I hid under a blanket (?) Everytime someone asked me to teach…hahaha..
I refused to teach because I can’t handle children ㅜㅜ
Aku maunya nggak ngajar anak-anak, tapi selalu dapatnya ngajar anak-anak *sigh*
an expert on teaching guided me to teach and he even helped me to improve my english which is getting worse day by day because lack of practice…ㅡ,ㅡ”
And he even asked me to join the intermediate class and improve my speaking! Thank you a bunch Mr. Said!

That’s all what was happened before Ramadhan, I felt blessed of what happened! ^^

Before lupa…we went to mosque to do Taraweh today (at Baiturrahman mosque) many people were also coming and it was so crowded…It was raining so hard and people who didn’t get some space to pray just stood behind the shaf…
Hujan itu berkah memang, tapi aku ngerasa kasian buat yang nggak dapat tempat buat shalat tadi…
Well, I couldn’t capture some pictures inside the mosque, but I got a blur picture from the outside (sorry) my phone was betrayed me on the last minute! It said the memory is full…(I shouldn’t keep those songs ㅜㅜ)
Anyway, happy fasting for every moslems! (ˆ⌣ˆ)