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As this post come out, it is the time to say “bye May…”
I felt so much fun and feel great could pass the month smoothly and gratefully *claps*

Although I haven’t found a job yet (I am sure I’ll get it soon!) I felt blessed and thankful towards the Greatest- Allah SWT

So much things had passed and happened this month and that was unforgettable too ^^
Hey, at least I got a called by a company to get tested!

And also my friend’s surprised birthday party (I guess that was unforgettable for him too), and the-never-ending-support of my parents (thanks dad, mom *cries*)

My Korean Language course also finished on May, and will continue after Ied (19th August), thank you so much Mr. Jeon a.k.a Seonsaengnim *bows 90 degrees politely*

What else ya…hmmmm…I guess that were all the things…hehehehe~
Oooh, and I tried WordPress on Blackberry application! (Pretty awesome *thumbs up*)
To reveal everything, I have been using this application to post on my blog…muihihihihi

Last but not least…I wish I could get a job on June *pray harder* >_<
And I could be a better person~
And I wish my phone wouldn't be acted silly anymore *random* ㅡ,ㅡ"

And I could speak Korea fluently *oh please, oh please*
Time to say goodbye to May, so bye May, hope I could still meet you next year!
뼝! 뼝!