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I thought I will never do that, yes that kind of sport. Marathon.
but this kind of marathon, I’m going to love it this much much muc, for the sake of dramaland *mom suddenly appears* *takes laptop away*

Because there are so many dramas which are worth to watch, I’m going to sacrifice my little time to watch -_____-

First and have been watching since May Hote King.


Who doesn’t love this lovey dovey couple? I ship them like a lot, just let them be in love forever, okay?
and the story line is getting more and more interesting each episodes.

Second, airing every Monday and Tuesday, Trot Lovers. Oh, man! I love Ji hyun woo. He is just sent from heaven to dramaland. He’s soooo manly on queen in hyun’s man. Who doesn’t love to have a prince who has warm heart?


He’s charming as always and I can see his dorky side on this drana, he’s jerk and dork at the same time, Ji Hyun Woo, 사랑해♥

Third, Joseon Gunman, Oh God!! I have been waiting this drama to be aired! And it is worth wait!!


Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi back on screen together again as couple!
well I’m not really ship them, but let their ship sail, everyone!
Lee jun ki reminds me much of magistrate on his last year drama, but the character is different, he is playful in Joseon Gunman, but I don’t know what will happen on the next episode, it’s a little bit gloomy after I watch the review anyway, 사또! 보고십다!!

Last, but not least, Fated to love you. It’s Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk drama!!! Heuheuhahahaha
this is a remake drama from Taiwanese. I’m not really a fan of remake drama, but for this one count me in!


It is still the beginning of the drama, but I’m sooooo in looove with this one, and Jang Hyuk, he is sooooo funny, I even laughed hard as I watch this drama.
His laugh is remarkable! I hope to hear your laugh more Jang Hyuk-ssi.


Yeah right, his laugh kept ringing on my head, I think I need some rest -____-
And Jang Nara, she is soooo cute and adorable as always, I want to hug her badly! Yes, this drama airing every wednesday and thursday.
actually Fated to love you is the only drama that I can’t wait every week to be aired.

Ah, well July is going to be a very busy month. 사랑해 7월!!!