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From now on, that title would appear on my blog often. Everytime I feel loving-to-death into a character in dramaland.

Anyway let’s start with this guy, who apparently comes to my head every seconds.


Oke, cakep, lanjut.

Well, I never saw this guy on a drama. Really. Honestly. I’ve been on dramaland since 2005 and this guy missed on my sight. Damn. Double damn!

And on his 36, he still looks charming and perfectly young.


Err, this is on conspiracy on the court. Well, i will zoom him…


Okay young man, moustache is weird for you. Take it off, take it off!

Still, I don’t Watch sageuk drama when it was 2008 I’ll see it as a boring and lame, the plot must be fulfilled with boringness and lacky in every area, but arang and the magistrate changes it all.
so, i missed this drama as well. Damn.

And if you watch Master’s sun ep. 1 Jin Yi Han was there too as a cameo, he’s going to have a wedding party with one of Joo sajangnim’s model…

Doesn’t ring the bell, yet? Okay…let me check another drama…
Ah right, Time Slip Dr. jin…right, Kim Jaejoong drama…yet he also did a supporting role -_______-


If you cannot remember him, don’t worry…I can’t either ._____.
He is a good friend of JaeJoong on that drama (even in real life they’re also friend)

Oh you may know this guy, right! Tal Tal from empress Ki ♥♥
Yeah right, Jin Yi Han finally appears on my eyes, but damn! I missed him, you know, because he was a supporting roles, he didn’t appear that much…

Aaaaaaand a new leaf, a story about lawyers, yes he played as supporting roles again, but he did a great job! *thumbs up*

And yes, ladies he is handsome~~

And recently, he just finished a rom-com drama, My Secret Hotel along with Yoo In Na


And yes, I reccomend this drama! Altough the ratings are poor, but who cares as long as the actor is Jin Yi Han ♥♥
Well, let’s squeeze Mr. YiHan and put him on my pocket. Well, offto check his instagram (he updates a lot)

Picture credits to Dramabeans