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From now on, that title would appear on my blog often. Everytime I feel loving-to-death into a character in dramaland.

Anyway let’s start with this guy, who apparently comes to my head every seconds.


Oke, cakep, lanjut.

Well, I never saw this guy on a drama. Really. Honestly. I’ve been on dramaland since 2005 and this guy missed on my sight. Damn. Double damn!

And on his 36, he still looks charming and perfectly young.


Err, this is on conspiracy on the court. Well, i will zoom him…


Okay young man, moustache is weird for you. Take it off, take it off!

Still, I don’t Watch sageuk drama when it was 2008 I’ll see it as a boring and lame, the plot must be fulfilled with boringness and lacky in every area, but arang and the magistrate changes it all.
so, i missed this drama as well. Damn.

And if you watch Master’s sun ep. 1 Jin Yi Han was there too as a cameo, he’s going to have a wedding party with one of Joo sajangnim’s model…

Doesn’t ring the bell, yet? Okay…let me check another drama…
Ah right, Time Slip Dr. jin…right, Kim Jaejoong drama…yet he also did a supporting role -_______-


If you cannot remember him, don’t worry…I can’t either ._____.
He is a good friend of JaeJoong on that drama (even in real life they’re also friend)

Oh you may know this guy, right! Tal Tal from empress Ki ♥♥
Yeah right, Jin Yi Han finally appears on my eyes, but damn! I missed him, you know, because he was a supporting roles, he didn’t appear that much…

Aaaaaaand a new leaf, a story about lawyers, yes he played as supporting roles again, but he did a great job! *thumbs up*

And yes, ladies he is handsome~~

And recently, he just finished a rom-com drama, My Secret Hotel along with Yoo In Na


And yes, I reccomend this drama! Altough the ratings are poor, but who cares as long as the actor is Jin Yi Han ♥♥
Well, let’s squeeze Mr. YiHan and put him on my pocket. Well, offto check his instagram (he updates a lot)

Picture credits to Dramabeans


I thought I will never do that, yes that kind of sport. Marathon.
but this kind of marathon, I’m going to love it this much much muc, for the sake of dramaland *mom suddenly appears* *takes laptop away*

Because there are so many dramas which are worth to watch, I’m going to sacrifice my little time to watch -_____-

First and have been watching since May Hote King.


Who doesn’t love this lovey dovey couple? I ship them like a lot, just let them be in love forever, okay?
and the story line is getting more and more interesting each episodes.

Second, airing every Monday and Tuesday, Trot Lovers. Oh, man! I love Ji hyun woo. He is just sent from heaven to dramaland. He’s soooo manly on queen in hyun’s man. Who doesn’t love to have a prince who has warm heart?


He’s charming as always and I can see his dorky side on this drana, he’s jerk and dork at the same time, Ji Hyun Woo, 사랑해♥

Third, Joseon Gunman, Oh God!! I have been waiting this drama to be aired! And it is worth wait!!


Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi back on screen together again as couple!
well I’m not really ship them, but let their ship sail, everyone!
Lee jun ki reminds me much of magistrate on his last year drama, but the character is different, he is playful in Joseon Gunman, but I don’t know what will happen on the next episode, it’s a little bit gloomy after I watch the review anyway, 사또! 보고십다!!

Last, but not least, Fated to love you. It’s Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk drama!!! Heuheuhahahaha
this is a remake drama from Taiwanese. I’m not really a fan of remake drama, but for this one count me in!


It is still the beginning of the drama, but I’m sooooo in looove with this one, and Jang Hyuk, he is sooooo funny, I even laughed hard as I watch this drama.
His laugh is remarkable! I hope to hear your laugh more Jang Hyuk-ssi.


Yeah right, his laugh kept ringing on my head, I think I need some rest -____-
And Jang Nara, she is soooo cute and adorable as always, I want to hug her badly! Yes, this drama airing every wednesday and thursday.
actually Fated to love you is the only drama that I can’t wait every week to be aired.

Ah, well July is going to be a very busy month. 사랑해 7월!!!

I’ve been counting the days and this month pass very slow… I mean for real…
ㅡ,,ㅡ hyuu…
I’m going to a vacation next month so I really look forward to that…heee…^^
But I don’t know how many days passed, May wouldn’t come that easy, I guess…
so, while waiting for May to come, I watch Cunning Single lady…ahahaha…beside of waiting for May, I’m waiting for Hotel king newest episode as well…ahahaha…
Let me put the official poster for this CSL drama…


자장! Can you guess what is the drama about? Oh well, it is rom-com drama (which is my fave genre ever). The story began sweetly with two couple tried their best to have a perfect life, their life ran smoothly with the husband got a job as a civil servant and their life turned upside down when the husband resigned from his job and started a business which wasn’t really successful…
the wife couldn’t stand living in that way, she asked for divorce and said the unforgettable words which stabbed the husband’s heart. Soooo, three years passed (time flies faster in a movie -.-) the wife lived with not much money that she earned while the husband lived so well, even become a chaebol! (Rich man, what a three-year) so then, the wife wanted to get her revenge, because he had become a cold-hearted successful CEO (tsk..tsk..bad guy)

Let’s get to know more about the character…


Cha Jung Woo – the handsome successful CEO who become the man that would be married with. After 4-year-marriage, he divorced with his Ex-wife Na ae ra due to financial problem. Our main lead who will drag our emotion along with his cool and cocky personality, he is the man that make us not only want to punch him hardly but also kiss him right on his cheek badly.
*this ajuhssi look so damn cool and ahwuhsam for me, 오빠 사랑해!


Na Ae Ra – she is our cunning lady who wanted to take revenge upon her Ex-husband Cha Jung Woo. She got angry easily and cry very often, sometimes she acted silly and stupid, but she just being who she really are. She has very bad luck with men. I think her life is circled with bad luck ㅡ..ㅡ

And korean drama wouldn’t be so great without the second lead actor and actress, would it?

Guk Yeo Jin – Yeo jin is kind of woman that we would tear her a part and torture her very well. She was that kind of woman who loved Cha Jung Woo secretly and she had power (one of stakeholder) to make him agreed easily, bit don’t worry our CEO had pride to take care of, so she was going to spend many times to take CEO’s heart (muahahahahaha)

Guk Seung Hyun – and this guy with his puppy eyes and comic side of him would steal our heart away with his kindness, caring personality, and always be there if you need. He is going to break our heart with his I’m-fine-I-hope you’ll-be-happy look. He was going to be our Cleo’s rival in getting Na Ae Ra’s heart. Guk seung hyun is guk yeo jin younger brother.

officially the drama is airing until episode 14, It is only two episodes left. I’ve watches until episode 5, there’s also boring episode on this drama, sometimes it looked that the story dragged slowly which made me skipped several scenes. Na Ae Ra, acted very good in this drama and she is very pretty. Sometimes I feel pity for her, because her bad luck…oh well, while watching this drama, several thought appeared…
what if my life become just like Na Ae Ra? Become single and cunning
I’ve just broke up due to financial problem too, that 나쁜 남자 took advantage of me, he keep telling me to pay the bill ㅜ ㅜ
Ah well, it is just drama right? (Tetibaan curhat)

Anyway, this drama is recommended, it got 4 stars, because I love rom-com, actors and actresses did a very good job too ^^
Still this April is going to end well I guess. And May, 빨리 와!

After waited for one month, finally yes…finally…
hotel king drama is aired *dances*
Pas lagi download *pastinya di kantor tercintah* *dipelototin pak bos*
Sempat mikir juga gimana kalo ini drama nggak seru atau not worthy enough to be waited…tapiiiii…
Haduuuh…sumpah ini drama wajib nonton deh…tambahin tu dirukun iman…-.-”

Worth wait dah ini drama…
Dan yang nggak enaknya harus nunggu semingguan supaya bisa nonton, yah karena namanya juga weekend drama ._.
Daaan…yang bikin squeezing itu ngeliatin Lee dong wook bareng Lee da hae *_*


Uhuk…uhuk…yah, give me another romance skinship, you both!! *digampar orang se erteh*




Kill.me.kill.me.kill.me…please give them a room! *pardon me*

Oh well, I hate waiting, but for this drama…bare with me…-_-
udah ah nulisnya…gila saya… ._____.

2014 would be the battling year for all the actors and actresses…
As there are many dramas are coming out but the ratings are so low that make everyone who loves watching korean dramas would think twice to watch the dramas….

Yes, I watched several dramas from KBS continuously and they didn’t really make special track on my mind, yeah they didn’t work out so much, such as Bel Ami, Mirae’s choice…


Bel ami poster, the reason I watch this because the guy on the right ._.


Mirae’s choice, good story bad ending. That all I can say

actually I like Mirae’s choice, but the ending…whats with the ending yah PD-nim? .____.
Both Bel Ami and Mirae’s choice didn’t get high ratings…

You who came from the stars is airing right now, I haven’t decided yet to watch it or not -.-
i don’t want to get disappointed with sad ending or so…

I have finished watching two weeks (with skipping some scenes) and it just a sad drama, with action in all over the scenes but Jun Ki is awesome as always (yes, the only reason I watch this because Jun Ki is on it) the rating for this drama is just a so-so too


The best father-daughter scene I’ve ever seen

I read on some news that Shin Min Ah will take part on new drama, my love my bride (if I’m not mistaken) but still unconfirmed.
After take a looooong rest after filming arang and the magistrate, she finally back! I’m happy soo much, oh yes I do! But she isn’t going to pair with Lee Jun Ki? No? ._.
Hey, I’m just still hoping to see them both in one scene again…

And after reading Dramabeans that Jun Ki will play on angel eyes, a melodrama.
but suddenly a news come up again and said that he won’t. God! For some reason I’m sad but also happy! Means that he won’t be paired with Han Ji Min *dances*
yes, I’m such a bias with Jun Ki and Min ah, but can’t I still hope for them to reunite?
Fine…fine I’m going to see what kind of drama that Jun Ki would pick for the next (please no more martial arts and so)
I miss seeing him to be on drama already…


Satto, what kind of drama would you choose? Arang is curious too

I just want to post this picture so badly…Tae San and his daughter, Su Jin ♥♥


Isn’t he good being a father? It suits him well isn’t it?
Yang ganteng memang bikin adem hati .___.

It’s 29th of September already? Really? For real?

Uwaaah…nggak terasa tetibaan udah tanggal 29, besok 30 besoknya udah Oktober….uwaaah….

Pas diliat-liat lagi ternyata eh ternyata bulan ini nulis nya baru sebijik aja… -_______-

I’m really truly sorry my dear blog… ;_____;

Since I’ve got a boy job, I have been really busy…

Iyes, pergi pagi pulang sore, oke mungkin agak berlebihan tapi that’s true :3

Belum sempat seminggu aku kerja di perusahaan property itu, tiba-tiba aku dihubungin dari Dinas Perhubungan kominukasi telematika Aceh dan yes, aku diterima buat kerja kontrak disana….finally after nine months!

I was really excited and happy at the same time, I got a real job!

And all those prayers are replied! Here I am, got a proper job finally!

I can’t stop saying thank you among my prayers to the Greatest Allah (for sure) and the unstoppable pray and hope from my parents and family *tears of joy are falling*

Ceritaan pas kerja nya nanti aja ya, fotonya aku pake baju kerja juga will be posted later :3

Naaaah, apalagi ya mau diceritain kesini, dan enggak sempat ditulis…em..oiya aku akhirnya berhenti les korea (permanently)

Yup, I have to stop learning Korean at the course, because I do have to go to work…That’s sad for sure but I’m sure this is the best for me…

Apalagi ya… .___.

Ah, Iya aku lagi nyari-nyari BB cream yang kira-kira bisa aku pake harian, well, aku mulai perhatiin kulit muka aku akhir-akhir ini dan aku rasa ini muka mulai harus sering perhatiin -____-

Aku bukan tipe orang yang suka ribet tentang perawatan wajah, jadi BB cream kayaknya cocok deh kan nggak perlu pake moisturizer lagi, terus juga nggak perlu pake foundation lagi… hahahaha…

Jadi, aku lagi keliling-keliling beberapa blog yang nge-review tentang BB cream, aku belum mutusin mau beli yang mana, well, I’m still looking for it :3

Daaaan, karena aku udah mulai kerja, jadi jarang ngumpul-ngumpul sama kawan….hikseu…

Here is a list of bunch of people that I miss, and I hope seeing them soon!

Rahmi dongsaeng, Ani, K’nanda, Eci, Ina, Fonna, Try, Agus, Iqbal, Ine, Imami, Rona, Mr. Jeon Seonsaengnim, Ferra, K’endah, Nurul, Nanda, Putri, Maya, dan sebagian besar kawan-kawan SMA…

Huhuhu…aku kangen kalian ;_______; 

because most of my time was spent at work, on the evening I tried to catch up some Korean dramas and variety show…muahahahaha…(habit cannot be broken easily)

yupseu! aku lagi rajin nonton good doctor setiap senin dan selasa jam 8 malam…Bulan Oktober nanti Once Upon a Time second season bakalan tayang di Star World (ah, well another busy day) dan aku udah nggak sabar! karena itu film F*cking awesome! >.<

Master Chef season 4 is airing dan aku juga maniac sama prgram masak-masak yang satu ini! damn babe! bring it on!

kalo ngomongin masalah television program aku rada kalap…mian…hahahaha…

pokoknya aku udah nggak sabar untuk bulan 10 nanti and I know everything is going to be really good and tough at the same time…YAY! I am so excited! :3