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It’s been 27th March…
It was so sudden, you’re leaving faster March… ._.
Maaaaany things happened on March, yeah…banyak..
Getting my passport extended *persiapan*
Lotsa things to do in the office *I hate you, office!*
and teaching class is ended *sedih saya*

Yes, the hardest thing to leave March is realising teaching class is over…
iyaaa, nggak ada lagi tuh namanya maen angin malam-malam juga nggak ada lagi namanya ngeliatin si dokter ganteng * oh, I fall in love so often*
But life must go on~ *nyanyi lagu titanic*

Tapi yang bikin senang pas bulan maret hampir abis itu ya artinya drama hotel king udah makin dekat tanggal tayangnya *joget*
yes, peps I’ve been waiting soooooo long to watch this drama, because Lee dae hee is going to be paired with Lee dong wook! Yes! I love this coupling soooooo much…
I’ve been imagining the drama already…muahahahaha..


Well, I pray that April is going to be nice, verrrryyyyy nice…
I hope I get lots of money *please, pretty please*
I hope Hotel King drama is going to be 대박
And I got new class to be taught…yes peps, I’m getting addicted to teach, because of that handsome doctor I finally realize that teaching isn’t that bad as I thought…heee…

And April, I’m kind of waiting for you and please be rice nice :3