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Teaching class is over~
Well, yeah another class is over, actually we just take a break during Ramadhan and will continue after it…teehee..

Nggak terasa Juni udah mau pergi, dan bulan ini terasa berat dan lambat…hu um..
BMKG mencatat kalo suhu banda aceh sampai 27° Celsius sodara-sodara *lagi bawain berita*
Yah, dan hujan lebat barengan sama angin kencang cuma seminggu aja datang nya dipertengahan Juni ini. Akan kah kita melihat hujan di bulan Juli? Lihat saja nanti *digampar jeremi teti* *kenapa tiba2 muncul jeremi teti?* *abaikan*

Yes, rain…rain…please come, okay? If it were Bi rain…that would be great also -______-

Oh iya padahal mau ceritain tentang kelas les…2 hari sebelum les selesai anak-anak les ngasih a gift…


Here it is the gift from the students *sobs*
I was touched like a lot! And happy, and joy, and blessed…
I don’t know whether I have been teaching very well or not but I have been trying my best, haven’t I?
And at home I opened the gift and this is what’s inside…


A nice veil with a grey and pink colour, my favorite! ^_____^
when was the last time I got a gift? Well I guess it was two years ago…ahahaha…*wipe tears*
Thank you guys! Let’s try our best on learning English!
*mendadak semangat*

That should be a very nice day…
I have been waiting for that day…and I’m sure neither have you…
but that day turned not so good, in fact that was horrible day ever…
I never want to rewind that day… I should understand that, it’s not me that you wanted to be with on that day….
you’ve got me so wrong…
Although the present is suck (when am I ever satisfied you?)
but, Happy Birthday 🙂