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This is soooo late to post about my birthday -____-

I totally forgot to post anything here, there are many things on my mind (it always be) ._. and suddenly July is almost over and I haven’t written many things this month -___-”

so, July means my birthday and I was hoping someone gave me Nintendo (which no one did) hiyah, disaat orang-orang serumah pada pengen hape android aku malah prefer nintendo Ds .__.

aku soalnya pengen main harvest moon…제발…ㅜㅜ

okay, lupakan soal yang diatas…-__-

so, I was really happy when the 17th of July is getting closer and closer (and I do really hope someone bought a Nintendo Ds!)

when it was the day, I was so happy some of my friends (and it was a lot) congratulates me…jempol aku sampe bengkak buat ngetik makasih buat semua yang ucapin…that was so much happier than the other day…

karena hari itu puasa, jadi aku sama sekali nggak berharap ada yang beliin kue…really, I am too old to blow a candle on my own birthday…-___-

tapi pas jam lima-an, kakak pulang sambil bawa kotak yang gede (and that was so much bigger than her belly…woopsie)

ops! so that was the cake, and she told me just pretend that you didn’t see what I bought just then…fine, anything you said, and that was my cake! *excited*

after break the fasting (cailah bahasa guwek) my sister brought the cake up and I was sooo surprised, because that was not an ordinary cake!


the donuts cake which surely made Homer got mad~

I love donuts sooooo much and that was the best cake that I’ve ever gotten ever! I was so much happy and almost tears, but I shouldn’t let anyone knows -___-

some pictures were taken that day…



with my sister, brother, and cousin~Image

 with mom and dad…^_____^


Thank you, thank you, and thank you my family, all of you are 짱!

and on 19th of July, aku sama bokin pergi ke A&W buat buka puasa bareng…he told me that he didn’t have money to buy me present on my birthday….that’s okay, so typical…-____- I DIDN’T MIND IT AT ALL!!!! *voice raised up*

eh rupanya pas datang, dia bawa cake….oooow….so sweet and thank you dear~ *ohok* *nggak jadi marah, udah di sogok kue*


the cake from dearie bokin…

so, that was what happened on my 23rd birthday, I hope I could celebrate the 24th, 25th, and next, next, next birthday with my family (and bokin either) it was so happy and that was totally the best day on this year…

Thank you Allah SWT for giving me another times to be with people that I love so much 🙂

~I feel blessed and lucky~

sebenarnya ulang tahun nya udah lewat sebulan lebih…
tp gak sempat posting..hukhukhuk…

my birthday is on July,,,
my sister asked me what i want on my birthday…
hihihihi…i proudly said i want a new shoes…
yah…aku lagi suka liat sepatu yg dipake park ha rooftop prince..
ada dijual di inet harganya 450…-_______-
means that i wouldn’t be able to purchase them…T_T

dan kk bilang siip…wohooooo…
seharusnya aku blg aku pengen jalan2 kekorea…:(

eniwey, aku tunggu2 deh tuh ultah buat dapatin sepatu baru alhamdulillah~

tapi pas hari aku ultah suasana agak hening…
gak ada tanda2 kado, kue ato sebagainya .____.

tapi pas malam nya semuanya ngajak keluar buat makan2..
cihuy! akhirnya…pas aku keluar kamar there’s a cake on the table!
yaaaaaaaaaaaay! ^______^

hiyeee ii’m really happy…and there’s a big box on the table…
big…shoes! yeaaah!
when i opened it…o________o
it’s not a shoes instead…… 😦
but a blackberry! really? i just want a pair of shoes…
but still, Alhamdulillah

here’s some picture from my bday..

eniwey gomawoyo~ 😀