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2014 would be the battling year for all the actors and actresses…
As there are many dramas are coming out but the ratings are so low that make everyone who loves watching korean dramas would think twice to watch the dramas….

Yes, I watched several dramas from KBS continuously and they didn’t really make special track on my mind, yeah they didn’t work out so much, such as Bel Ami, Mirae’s choice…


Bel ami poster, the reason I watch this because the guy on the right ._.


Mirae’s choice, good story bad ending. That all I can say

actually I like Mirae’s choice, but the ending…whats with the ending yah PD-nim? .____.
Both Bel Ami and Mirae’s choice didn’t get high ratings…

You who came from the stars is airing right now, I haven’t decided yet to watch it or not -.-
i don’t want to get disappointed with sad ending or so…

I have finished watching two weeks (with skipping some scenes) and it just a sad drama, with action in all over the scenes but Jun Ki is awesome as always (yes, the only reason I watch this because Jun Ki is on it) the rating for this drama is just a so-so too


The best father-daughter scene I’ve ever seen

I read on some news that Shin Min Ah will take part on new drama, my love my bride (if I’m not mistaken) but still unconfirmed.
After take a looooong rest after filming arang and the magistrate, she finally back! I’m happy soo much, oh yes I do! But she isn’t going to pair with Lee Jun Ki? No? ._.
Hey, I’m just still hoping to see them both in one scene again…

And after reading Dramabeans that Jun Ki will play on angel eyes, a melodrama.
but suddenly a news come up again and said that he won’t. God! For some reason I’m sad but also happy! Means that he won’t be paired with Han Ji Min *dances*
yes, I’m such a bias with Jun Ki and Min ah, but can’t I still hope for them to reunite?
Fine…fine I’m going to see what kind of drama that Jun Ki would pick for the next (please no more martial arts and so)
I miss seeing him to be on drama already…


Satto, what kind of drama would you choose? Arang is curious too